Avoiding the Supermarket Plastic Plague

Today marked the first day of Zero Waste Week (3rd-7th September). Given this fact and needing to do my weekly shop I thought I’d attempt this with as little/no plastic as possible reaching the checkout. Here’s how I got on…

First of all, I’m aware it’s not currently possible to get pasta, rice and many other cupboard staples without plastic wrapping. So they were out straight away.* However, given that Morrison’s have advertised that customers are welcome to use their own containers, I thought this gave me a slight advantage as I wouldn’t have to visit a separate butcher or fishmonger.


Below is what I managed- substituting plastic for glass or metal where possible and using my own containers to buy fish and meats. The cereals do have a plastic bag inside but I’m going to see if this is possible to recycle. Tins can sometimes contain a plastic lining, something else I’ll need to check.

(L-R and F-B) Beer and soft drink in glass, sausage, beef mince and salmon in my tubs, cereal X 2, tinned goods, tomato puree, spread in foil and 1 loose banana for the toddler!

Overall, I’m pleased with the effort. Tomorrow I’ll visit the greengrocer and buy all of our fruit and veg loose. (In case you didn’t know, fruit and veg bought loose at the supermarket is much more expensive- the staff member I chatted to agreed with me on this.)

Are there any less or zero waste swaps you are going to try this week? Let us know in the comments!

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After removing all the plastic from your trolley, you could be left with this!

*These will be available packaging free when we are up and operating; soon, we promise!