Bagged ourselves loose fruit & veg

Today I gave the Turtle Bag a go at the local greengrocers. This bag was recently purchased and when still rolled up it looked pretty small!

However, unrolled you can appreciate the stretch potential, even more so when filled up. I’d say even more stuff could have fitted plus there’s no chance of it breaking as it’s really strong and sturdy.

It was about £5 and came in just a small cardboard sleeve. 👍 The colour is ace and I can imagine it’ll last for many years to come. Plus walking home the fruit and veg wasn’t sweating in a plastic bag.

We love buying fruit and veg loose. There’s more positives to this than you might initially realise!

1. Less packaging! Aside from the fact packaging takes money and resources to make you also have to factor in its disposal, and many fruit and vegetable packagings aren’t commonly recycled.

2. Cheaper! It’s thought that 25% of many product prices are to cover the packaging, so not having to pay for that saves you money. The huge amount I got today was less than £7.

3. Better quality. Lose produce is much easier for you to check over yourself. No mouldy cherries hiding at the bottom of a plastic punnet. No bruised apples in the middle of a bag. Check them over yourself as you shop!

4. Less waste. Only buy what you need instead of a huge bag of something which might remain uneaten. Notice my tiny head of broccoli above!

5. Shop local. Greengrocers with loose produce like the one I visited (Freshest on the Binley Road, Coventry) are often small, family run businesses. It’s much nicer to support these than a supermarket.

6. Looks nicer! Can’t quite put my finger on it, but those fruit and veg look so much more appetising when not encased in plastic. Like they’re freshly picked.