Eco-Friendly Mattress Cleaning: A Step By Step Guide Using Natural Ingredients

A few weeks ago I realised that aside from changing the bed sheets I hadn’t done much in the way of spring cleaning our mattresses. A little bit of research later and I gave it eco-friendly mattress cleaning a go, using only products from in store.
What You Will Need:
  • Spray Bottle
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Steam cleaner/mop (if you have one)


  1. Remove all bedding and thoroughly vacuum the mattress.
  2. Mix together a couple pumps of wash up liquid, a splash of laundry liquid, and half cup of water in the spray bottle. Swirl to mix rather than shaking.
  3. Spray this mixture lightly, focusing on any stained areas. No need to get completely soaking.
  4. Using a loofah or cotton cloth, lightly scrub any areas in need of it.
  5. Sprinkle a thin layer of bicarb all over the mattress, adding a little more in the areas which have been scrubbed.
  6. Leave for approx. one hour, with the bedroom window open if desired.
  7. (Optional) If you have a steam cleaner/steam mop, you can wrap a cotton cloth around the end of it and use this on a medium setting (too hot will damage any memory foam in the mattress) on the stained areas. Work each area carefully.
  8. Leave for another hour to dry off.
  9. If a large amount of bicarb is on the stained areas, you can brush it off into a dustpan before vacuuming.
  10. If not, vacuum entire mattress and leave bedding off until completely dry.


A note about bicarb and vacuum cleaners.

Due to how fine it is, in copious amounts bicarb can damage some bag-less vacuum cleaners. If you have a machine like this, it might be worth cleaning the filters afterwards.

I hope you’ve found this eco-friendly mattress cleaning guide useful! I’d advise following this twice a year if possible, but even vacuuming your mattress every month or two will help keep it fresh and extend its lifespan. Any questions just pop them in the comments, or send them via email to [email protected].