Keep Britain Tidy @ Coombe

Decided to take our youngest to this event at our local park Coombe Abbey today. The idea was turn up, fill a bag with rubbish and then get your car parking free. Ok says I, a bit of fresh air and a good deed to boot.

I have to say for the first 20 minutes I was genuinely concerned that I wasn’t going to find much at all! An empty cider can had me doing a happy dance and I was worried there could be a turf war with another litter picker over an empty packet of prawn cocktail crisps.


However, once I got slightly off the beaten path (by slightly I mean a few metres) it became evident I was in an area at one time populated by idiots.

Empty cans, glass bottles, plastic cups, ice cream spoons, chocolate wrappers, straws…many many items and all of them non-biodegradable. Little one found it all too much and fell asleep.


I filled the bag until it was too heavy for any more (lots of glass bottles) and made my way back to the Information Centre. On the way a lady with her grandchildren asked me if I’d picked all that rubbish up and remarked it was a disgusting shame when there are bins. A valid point, but I do feel that the root of the problem is far too much waste is produced in the way of packaging in the first place; and even throwing something “away” means it ends up somewhere or other. Maybe not Coombe Park, but somewhere else where it can damage wildlife just as much.

The end result.