Not just a milkman…

First of all I’m going to share my own experience of a milk round. Many moons ago I ended up helping to cover a milk round for a week and I learned 2 things.

1. A Twix at 3am is not breakfast nor ok.

2. Even after smashing my face and head repeatedly on various parts of the milk float (thanks to the ride quality- which was jerky at best) I still didn’t learn to hold on properly when it was pulling away/braking. So not my first career choice.

Anyway…about a year ago I found out a local dairy was able to provide doorstep deliveries to our house. Anyone with children of milk drinking age will know, you go through a lot of the stuff and it’s packaged in plastic everywhere.

A quick phone call – answered by the dairy owner himself – and we were all signed up. It was only when I had a look at the website I realised that this company provided a whole lot more- juices in glass, butter in foil rather than plastic tubs and a big range of dairy free options for anyone vegan (since vegan options are in Tetrapak,  vegan milks for customer’s own containers is something we’d love to supply in future).


Here’s what we like about it and I why I believe it’s far better than the supermarket option:

1. Plastic free! Each glass milk bottle is reused about 50 times, compared to the single use alternative of which only 75% are recycled a year.

2. Bought local. Money going to the dairy and not a big company who probably don’t pay the farmers well.

3. Transported by electric vehicle. (Our milkman is some kind of ninja as I never seem to hear him)

4. Fresher product. The whole milk especially seems much better quality than the supermarket stuff.

5. Less waste. We only buy what we need, whereas before I’d often get a 6 pint bottle and end up throwing 1-2 pints away which wouldn’t get used in time. We’ve tried hard to reduce our food waste this year and meal planning has helped with this.

6. More convenient. We can order up to midnight the night before – so no early morning dash to the shop needed. Just open the front door and it’s there!

In the dairy newsletter it stated they’ve increased the rounds from 4 to 5 to meet new demand so hopefully this message is spreading. If you’re local to Coventry/Nuneaton and interested the company is this one. (I haven’t received anything in return for the article, just sharing my views).

More great information on milk in glass in this article here.

Now we just need this movement to spread to things like soft drinks, oils, liquid cleaning products and (my personal pet hate) single use plastic water bottles. We as a company are extremely committed to making these items available in a zero waste capacity, so keep following for updates!


Thanks for reading!