Dissolvable Cleaning Pod: Daily Descaler for Kitchens and Bathrooms


We offer these brilliant plastic free products to our UK delivery customers, as an alternative to our liquid products (which are too bulky and risky to send by post). Many people have requested we stock eco-friendly cleaning pods, and these UK made, palm oil free and vegan products are a great option.

The Shining: Daily Descaler for Kitchens and Bathrooms

This superb formula works it’s magic on limescale build-up and watermarks in bathrooms, kitchens, taps and toilets leaving them clean and streak-free. A true zero waste kitchen cleaner!

What you get:
Includes 1 natural antibacterial cleaner BioPod and 1 label for your reusable bottle. Safely packed in a small cardboard box.

How to use the BioPod:
Take your clean 500ml reused or repurposed trigger bottle, drop in the BioPod and fill to the brim with warm water. Shake to dissolve and stick on your supplied label. Spray and wipe with a (plastic-free) cloth.

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, citric acid, Cocamidopropyl betaine, (food-grade) dye

About Mack:

Mack are a relatively new, UK based cleaning product company. They pride themselves on effective, natural formulas which are easy to use. All Mack products are harmless to aquatic life, vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free. They also work with organisations clearing ocean bound plastic pollution from areas in underdeveloped countries. You can find out more about Mack here.