Stainless Steel Lunchbox


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This leak resistant, dishwasher safe eco-friendly lunchbox is the perfect replacement for a plastic counterpart that’s had its day. A silicone seal and series of sturdy clips keeps it securely closed, whatever you choose to carry for lunch. Suitable for everything from pasta to salads, sandwiches to fruit. Either pack it at home or use it to buy takeaway food without the waste!
Goes brilliantly with our handy bamboo spork or travel cutlery set.

A wise investment as part of your sustainable lifestyle, which will last for many years to come! Makes a lovely, useful gift for a friend or loved one.

The silicone seal is removable and can be washed separately, then reinserted, flat side down.  Please ensure seal and container lid is clean, dry and free from grease before re-inserting. A spare seal is also included inside the container. More information on reinserting the seal can be found here.

Not for use in microwave. Not recommended for use in the oven, even with the seal removed. Prolonged exposure to very hot temperatures can cause the metal to distort and then there could be issues with the lid fitting properly.

Please note that although this eco-friendly lunchbox is suitable for wetter foods such as dressed salad or pastas it is not designed for liquid foods such as soups and broths. We recommend a screw top food pot for liquid foods. We also have this lunchbox in a two compartment option.

  • Material: Food graded stainless steel lunchbox (201) with brass rivets and clips, and a leakproof silicone seal.
  • Capacity: 675ml
  • Overall dimensions approximately: 4.5cm x 18cm x 13cm.
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Packaging: Simple cardboard band and box
  • Ethics: Sustainably sourced by A Slice of Green. You can find out more about this UK based family company here.
  • Country of Manufacture: India