Reusable Bottle Tops / Lids (1 Litre or 500ml Sized Bottles)


Pack of two brilliant bottle tops – to fit 1 Litre and some 500ml bottles including our Minor Figures Oat Milk in store. 

These best selling reusable bottle tops are great. Last a lifetime and are very easy to care for. These are slightly bigger than lids for pint sized bottles.

  • Made with food grade silicone, which is 100% recyclable and does not degrade in the natural environment.
  • Pack of two in different colours, choose from red/black or pastels
  • Dishwasher safe or wash by hand
  • Help to seal bottle, reducing spillage and extending the life of the product inside
  • You can use the different colours of reusable milk bottle tops to mark which product to use up first, reducing food waste further
  • Lids for pint sized bottles are available here


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