Dissolvable Cleaning Pod: Eco-Friendly Washing Up Liquid


We offer these brilliant plastic free products to our UK delivery customers, as an alternative to our liquid products (which are too bulky and risky to send by post). Many people have requested we stock eco-friendly cleaning pods, and these UK made, palm oil free and vegan products are a great option.

Dish Jockey: Washing Up Liquid

The natural ingredients in this effective zero waste washing up liquid work well to remove grease, fat and leftover food without any trouble at all.

What you get:
Includes 1 natural antibacterial cleaner BioPod and 1 label for your reusable bottle. Safely packed in a small cardboard box.

How to use the BioPod:
Take your clean 500ml reused or repurposed washing up liquid bottle and fill 3/4 with warm water and shake for a minute. Fill to the top and shake again for good measure. Add to sink filled with warm, NOT HOT, water (works best in cooler temperatures!) or directly to your (plastic free) sponge. Don’t be alarmed if there are no bubbles, the Dish Jockey is still working hard.

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, monococo alkyl esters, cellulose methyl ether, Cocamidopropyl betaine, citrus oil, precipitated silica, dye (food-grade).

About Mack:

Mack are a relatively new, UK based cleaning product company. They pride themselves on effective, natural formulas which are easy to use. All Mack products are harmless to aquatic life, vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free. They also work with organisations clearing ocean bound plastic pollution from areas in underdeveloped countries. You can find out more about Mack here.