Welcome…Now, what is “Zero-Waste”?

So here it is, our very first blog post. ‘We’ are Charlie and Marisa, a pair of mums who are passionate about the environment. Working together, we hope to help our local community to make a difference to the amount of unnecessary waste sent to landfill and incineration. We’ll do a post properly introducing ourselves very soon, but felt it was more important to introduce our cause first.


What is “Zero-Waste”?

Trying to live waste-free sounds like a daunting prospect. Everywhere we go we are inundated by packaging, carrying vessels, convenience items. All disposable, and often non-recyclable, or difficult to recycle. To be Zero Waste means buying goods in no packaging wherever possible. It doesn’t matter what you use to buy the goods; a glass jar, plastic tub/bottle, paper or cloth bag. Though something which seals well and is easily cleaned is more desireable!


Personally, I think attempting to become Zero Waste is a tricky undertaking. You have to research alternatives. You have to consider whether said alternatives match your lifestyle and are something which can become ‘everyday’ for you. (Such as always taking a refillable flask or bottle out with you, or sourcing your fresh fruits from a greengrocer with your own produce bags) However, just a few small changes to how you live and shop and you will soon see the amount of waste around you reduced, and I think also feel a sense of positivity from these long lasting alternative methods and habits.

In our modern society, reducing waste (especially plastic waste) is never going to be black and white, but if enough people make a small change then eventually big companies will have to take notice, along with the governments who should be protecting our wildlife on both a local and global scale.


What are our company Zero hoping to achieve?

In our local area (Warwickshire) there are currently no vendors of many goods typically found in a Zero Waste store. Items such as dried foods, tea, coffee, washing powder all have to be either bought in packaging or (in the case of plastic free toiletries) ordered online from specialist retailers. We hope to set up a mobile Zero Waste store which will serve many areas of Warwickshire, and reach local communities through stationary stops, deliveries, and local markets. We can’t wait to get the wheels in motion (lol) and would love anyone interested to follow us as we take steps to set everything up.

Thanks for reading; keep posted for updates and an introduction to our duo!

Charlie x