What’s the point of Zero? Plus FAQs

It’s been a little while since we’ve had chance to write a blog post. However, we have finally managed to summarise what we are trying to achieve, plus  answer some frequently asked questions as best we can.

As you may well know, we are two mums (Charlie and Marisa) who started this business purely because it was something we wanted. Since we began in October 2018 (not that long ago- crazy!) we have been overwhelmed by the support and interest across Warwickshire. We already feel like we’ve learned a lot, but there’s still lots we want to try and do. But first and foremost, we are mothers, and we need to keep a focus on our family time too.

National Trust Losers

So, what do we aim for?

1. Plastic Free. We recognise the devastating damage caused by single use plastic and work hard to provide goods which eliminate it. There’s a full list on our website and we are always listening to what customers want.

2. Local. We aim to be local, and support local. That means bringing the option to shop plastic free to people- rather than them having to travel, park, etc. We do this with our pop-ups, deliveries and the new permanent locations we have opened this year. We are especially excited about these, and hope our regular customers find them useful. If you live in Coventry, Rugby, Banbury, Harbury or Warwick there is one near you!

Local also means we stock local- supporting and extending the reach of other small local businesses wherever we can. You’ll see that our cleaning products, soaps, coffee, tea, granola, chocolate, skincare, reusable wipes, honey, and beeswax wraps are all locally sourced. This is something we are extremely proud of and we’ve met some lovely people by sourcing our products this way.

3. Affordable. We aren’t (and never will be) Tesco. But we have a strong focus on pricing. Every price is researched and checked against outlets similar to ourselves and the supermarkets. Often, for higher quality goods, we are cheaper or close in price. Sometimes you may pay more, but for a premium product which supports a real person, not a faceless corporate entity. As our economies of scale grow, we hope to reduce our prices wherever possible and encourage your feedback.

Marisa (right) has recently relocated to Sweden but is still a big part of Zero! Charlie (me!) on the left.

Now onto some FAQS…

  1. Do you buy everything from CostCo? Nope! Aside from our locally produced items, the main supplier for our dried goods is an ethical wholefoods cooperative. This means all the company profits go back to the members, which we love. Some products might be cheaper sourced elsewhere but we love the ethics behind this company and the range and quality are great too.
  2. Is everything organic? Why not? As you have seen, our focus is on Plastic-Free, Local, and Affordable. For many products, buying organic means 3 X more expensive, and we feel this would price out many people trying to change their approach to single-use plastics. Having said that, all or most of our pastas, cereals and dried fruits are organic.
  3. How do your products get delivered? Fortunately, most dried goods in bulk come in paper sacks. However, some items such as dried fruits are packaged in plastic. This is due to the risk of oils leeching out, which would result in a spoiled product and food wastage. These plastics are recyclable with carrier bags, which we do.  We are also constantly asking questions of our suppliers as to how packaging can be adapted or changed. Henley Chocolates for example have switched all their 40g bars to paper as a result of working with us. Our coffee and granola is collected in bags which are reused over and over. Cleaning products come in reusable drums which our supplier refills for us- so no waste at all.
  4. What about allergens? We take every possible step to avoid cross contamination when using our scales, funnels and scoops. However, much in the nature of ‘produced in a factory that handles…’ we cannot 100% guarantee the absence of allergens and we ask customers to be aware of this. We know is disappointing, but our customer’s welfare comes first!
  5. Do you have a shop/ where is your shop? We have “mini Zeros” which are open most days (except Hornton (near Banbury), which is different). You can find permanent ‘mini Zeros’ open almost daily in Rugby, Coventry (Binley Woods) Coventry Fargo Village, Harbury (near Leamington) Warwick (non food only), and Hornton which is a fortnightly pop up as published on our Facebook page. Please use these if you can as they do stock all the most popular items. Full details and product lists can be found on our website. We have some ongoing events happening, and some further developments coming soon!

Hope this has been a useful post, and we look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon. Any questions or feedback do feel free to get in touch and we shall do our best to reply within 24 hours. If you’re happy with our service please leave us a Facebook review. 😊

Charlie & Marisa