Zero goes plogging!

Oldest boy had been asking to visit the park approximately every 90 seconds of the last 24 hours (discounting sleep time) so I decided we would combine this with a go at plogging. I linked an article earlier in the week explaining what this means- essentially it’s using a litter pick as an excuse to get some exercise and fresh air.

Pushchair accessorised with an empty bag, and off we went. Death stare is perfectly normal for the youngest, try not to be afraid.

Before we’d even crossed the road over to the main estate where the park is we had a fair few plastic bottles and drinks cans. Often dumped only a couple of metres from someone’s recycling bin. If someone was going to drop rubbish on the floor, I’d much rather they put it in the nearest bin. Though for some reason British people get highly territorial about their bins?

I’ve got to say at first I felt anxious about people seeing me pick rubbish up? Did they think I was a hoarder? Was I a crazy bag lady? Nope, just someone who cares about the environment and their local area. There’s probably a whole book somewhere on how it’s seen as a bit weird/weak/shameful to show you care about certain things but this isn’t it.

Soon I relaxed and figured if anyone said anything I’d reply I was making the walk to the park clean and safe for my kids, not because I’ve got a shrine to plastic bottles at home.

“Cone friend” was sadly too big for the bag. Could’ve worn on head though- will remember this for next time.

Path looking much cleaner!

So oldest little got a good play on the park and we then headed home. I managed to fill the bag, and I didn’t venture into hedge bottoms or pick up anything really dirty or dangerous looking. I wouldn’t want my son to think it was ok to just pick up anything; but if I was on my own I’d try to collect more.

Here’s the result:

Thanks for reading and hopefully you might consider doing the same. Just think what a difference it would make if even 1% of people did this once a week? That would equate to 13 million hours spent improving our environment every year! Of course it would be even better if this waste wasn’t produced and littered in the first place…