Bamboo Toothbrush: Children’s


These bamboo toothbrushes are sustainable, BPA-free, organic and vegan friendly, with 100% recyclable bristles and plastic free packaging.
We have sourced them locally from the same supplier (Eco Bru) since 2018.

Why Bamboo Toothbrushes?
Conventional toothbrushes are made with a mix of complex plastics rendering them unrecyclable. They use virgin plastic and are usually created by dental companies who also test on animals. Bamboo brushes have a plant based handle and food grade nylon bristles. Plastic free bristles in brushes are still an ongoing development, due to non vegan materials often being the substitute- such as boar or badger hair.

Single children’s bamboo toothbrush. Choose one colour from white, yellow, blue and pink. You can find the adult brushes here.


The bristles are Nylon 4. Remove them and place them into the recycling when you’re finished with the brush, the rest is biodegradable. This means you can compost the handle.

You can find out more about our supplier Will at Eco Bru here.