Brushes, Cloths & Scourers

Wanting to switch from those dreaded plastic brushes and woeful yellow/green sponges? Look no further- here you’ll find a whole host of plastic free brushes and cloths made with different materials. All are long lasting, home compostable, plus some can even go in the washing machine.

Here’s a summary of the materials you can find here:

  • Coconut husk/fibre: Hard-wearing, low impact and naturally anti-bacterial. Often a repurposed waste product as also seen in our Rice Husk Cups.
  • Organic cotton: Naturally soft and strong, easy to wash and care for.
  • Plant based cellulose sponge: Absorbent, soft and long lasting.
  • Bamboo: Extremely versatile, strong and quick growing material. Did you know bamboo is actually a grass and not a tree?
  • Loofah: Comes from the fast growing loofah plant. Expands, scrubs well and dries out quickly.