Plastic Free Haircare

Whether you want to just switch to cruelty free/vegan bathroom products -or swap to a bar instead of bottle too- we’ve got refills and bars to suit every hair type. All of our plastic free haircare products are sustainably made, natural and palm oil free.

About our suppliers

Fill Co are a local business whereby we receive our liquid refills on a circular system- swapping empty drums for full. There are few manufacturers offering this in the UK presently, with most choosing to recycle the empties.

Hairy Jayne worked as a hair stylist for over 20 before beginning to formulate and create her own sustainable haircare products. We were one of the first to stock her range of shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments and she also takes back empties to refill. Her solid shampoos and conditioners have the most amazing scents.

Zero Waste Path were so frequently requested by our customers buying them elsewhere that we decided to add their 2 in 1 bars to our range. These are developed to suit four different hair types and are soap free, meaning a straightforward swap from the likes of L’Oreal. Plastic free haircare made easy!