Plastic Free Scrubbing Brush for Pots, Pans & Trays


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A sturdy plastic free scrubbing brush with plant-based bristles and wooden handle. These brushes work amazingly well on any pots, pans, trays or even soil-covered vegetables. Very long lasting and durable. The shape of the handle allows you to apply more pressure whilst cleaning. Works great with our solid dish washing soap or Fill Co Wash Up liquid. If you’re more interested in plastic free sponges, you can find them here.

  • 100% plastic free scrubbing brush
  • Vegan bristles
  • Comfortable handle
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Versatile – use for cleaning pots, pans, trays, vegetables or around the home
  • Non-scratch bristles (always wet the bristles and test an inconspicuous area first)
How to care for the brush:

After washing, give the brush a rinse through with hot water and leave to dry on the side. If the brush is left in water it will degrade more quickly due to the natural materials. If you want to sterilise the bristles, you can use boiling water. However- it’s worth noting that brushes and sponges made with natural materials are more resistant to the growth of harmful bacteria than their plastic counterparts.

Once bristles are flat or moulting, simply compost the whole brush. You can find out more about sustainable wood sourcing here.