Decaf Breakfast Blend Loose Leaf Tea


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50g of loose leaf tea supplied in a compostable paper bag.


We source this lovely decaf loose leaf tea locally from Golden Monkey Tea in Warwick. We provide it completely free of plastic packaging and it is suitable for use with reusable tea bags or one of our popular stainless steel tea infusers.


This is a classic blend of decaf loose leaf tea. Perfect for your morning brew or whenever you fancy it! Carbon dioxide is used to extract the caffeine, which is one of the most modern and eco-friendly technologies existing so far. Kinder on the planet and whilst protects the natural antioxidants in the tea. A mild and tender cup with a slightly flowery bouquet. The perfect alternative for those who are looking for a tea to fit the true-brew bill, minus the caffeine. This tea has a much nicer flavour than the nasty tea dust you get in (plastic!) tea bags. There’s a great recent article about loose leaf tea to be found here.

Grade: OP

Brewing Instructions:
  • Use one teaspoon per cup which you can adjust for how strong or weak you prefer your tea.
  • Add 98 ̊C water temperature because boiling water can scald the leaves and impair the flavour.
  • Leave to steep for approx. 3-5 mins depending again on how strong you wish the flavour to be.
  • You can enjoy this loose leaf tea with or without milk.
  • This tea is not suitable for reinfusion.