Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil


350g provided.
Please bring your own bottle to store or click and collect will be supplied in a free returnable glass jar or bottle. Not presently available for UK delivery.
  • Sourced on a circular system where drums go back for refill. Imported in 1000L drums direct from producer to our supplier Aeithalis.
  • Peppery, fruity and sweet with grassy notes. Duvichus Extra Virgin Olive Oil sings to the tune of the Peloponnese coast where it was grown and made.
  • Duvichus is great on salads or for livening up any dish. Unfiltered, unrefined and unprocessed.
  • Harvested by hand with respect for the trees and nature.
  • Made in small batches so each drum is given a unique number.
  • Recent organic certification obtained.