Rose Water Hydrolat by Fill Co


By product from the steam distillation of crushed rose petals & sepals in the making of rose essential oil.

  • Fill clean repeat
  • Cools, hydrates & refreshes skin
  • Good for hair
  • Make your own natural scented sprays or cleaning products
  • Refillable
  • Eco friendly & Vegan
  • Biodegradable
  • Dye free
How to use:

Get hip; spritz to cool & hydrate yourself like they did on hot sunny afternoons in the 1960s. Άραγμα; do like yiayia & bapou used to do. Spray it all over, all of the time as a light & natural fragrance. Add to your hair wash routine. Makes for a mighty natural skin toner & face mist good enough for aphrodite & adonis. Boost your mood; add to the bath cleopatra-style, for a magical bathing experience. Refresh the gear; use as a linen spray or add to the water chamber of your iron. Use as a pillow spray. Make your own cologne or natural room fragrance. Mix as the base for natural scented home cleaning products.
Contains 100% rosa damascena flower water.

Please note: A refill ordered for postal delivery will be provided in a carefully packed (free and clean) glass jar. If you’d like a bigger bottle just send us a message and we can organise it for you.