Wear ‘em Out Reusable Period Pads


Washable, reusable period pads in a range of sizes to suit all flows. High quality, UK made and super comfortable to wear.

Wear ’em Out washable reusable period pads are slim but absorbent with a great shape and metal poppered wings to keep them securely in place. The additional Out And About bag is perfect for taking them out and about without any of the associated worries. The pads attach to your underwear the same way a disposable would using wings with double nickel-free poppers for a nice secure fit. There is a range of sizes to suit your needs from light flow, night time, post birth and mild bladder weakness. Please see further details about each type below. The leak proof double binding ensures no leaks from the edges despite the slim fit.

Why Switch to Reusable?

According to research collated by The Women’s Environmental Network, those who menstruate will use more than 11,000 disposable menstrual products in their lifetime – generating
200,000 tonnes of single use waste per year in tampons, pads and applicators. These items are around 90% plastic and end up either being burned, dumped in landfill and in many cases polluting our rivers and oceans as people often flush them down the toilet if a bin isn’t available. Damaging to our planet, and an estimated cost of up to £18,450 over a lifetime in single use products (!). And this doesn’t take into consideration the polluting chemicals which most disposable period products contain, such as gels and microplastics. You can read the full report here.

When asked, 99.3% of 908 people asked said they were pleased they had made the switch to Wear ’em Out reusable period pads. (Survey undertaken by Wear ’em Out)

Charity Partners:

Wear ’em Out work closely with a Sussex based charity called Champion Chanzige. They aim to make sustainable changes to the lives of children attending schools in the Kisaware district of Tanzania. To date, projects have provided two refurbished school libraries, six classrooms, four drinking water storage systems, educational resources such as library books in Kiswahili and English, computers for access to e-learning resources, ecological workshops that provide schools with the means to create kitchen gardens or small farms, and menstrual hygiene workshops. The latter workshops focus on reproductive health education and how best to manage menstruation to ensure the maximum attendance at school. Wear ’em Out donate their pads to this organisation to ensure students do not miss classes due to period poverty related issues. You can find out more here.

The Products Explained:
  • Mini Flo Reusable Period Pads are a lightweight daily liner for those barely-there, no-drama period days. Also, perfect for bladder leaks, and non-period days when you just want to feel a little fresher.
  • The regular flow Medium Flo pad is your go-to for those in-between, business-as-usual period days, and can also be used for leaky bladder days.
  • Mega Flo reusable period pad is your go-to for those heavier-than-usual days or a bit of extra confidence when you need it most.
  • The Wear ’em Out reusable Mega-Mega Flo period pad is the maximum flow pad with heavy daytime flows, all-through-the-night flows, and even post-birth use.
  • The Out and About Bag has 2 individual sections, one side labelled ‘wear me’ and the other labelled ‘clean me’, it does what it says on the tin. It has a single zip across the top and poppers on the side making a secure seal and a size reducing option. It’s made of a washable, waterproof fabric so can stand up to the job it’s been created for.


All of the above products are extremely easy to care for. You can wash them at 40° and leave to air dry. Rinsing through in the sink or shower is optional, some even wash them by hand in the shower instead of the machine. Refrain from using fabric softener as it will inhabit the ability for the soft fabrics to absorb liquid properly. If you do this by accident- it will wash out. A tiny amount of shrinkage on the first wash is normal.

LOADS of further info available here:

Using The Pads on The Go


If you aren’t 100% sure on these, please ask to see them in person if you are collecting your order and we are happy to advise. 🙂