Recipe: Vegan Sticky Noodles

You’ll love this easy noodle recipe. It’s quick, easy, vegan and keeps really well for leftovers the next day. Serves 2.
Ingredients: (items marked * can be bought from us)
  1. Add some oil to a large pan on medium high heat and fry off the vegetables. After 3 minutes add the 5 Spice, and another minute later the garlic granules. Turn the heat down to medium.

2. Pop the noodles in a pan of boiling water. Tip: For extra flavour add a tsp of our Vegan Bouillon.

3. When the vegetables are cooked, add in the soy and BBQ sauces and your cashews.

4. Drain the noodles after 4-5 minutes when they are fully cooked.

5. Serve your noodles with the vegetables in sauce on top; and a sprinkling of linseed.

We hope you loved this recipe- there will be more to come!